Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dissertation and Thesis Writing Advice

        Recently, a much-loved friend asked me for help on dissertation writing, not best of ability, but because she knew I would struggled myself. She wanted to know if I had any words of wisdom about getting through the process with a minimum of trouble.

      who suggested the importance of recognizing “that the dissertation is antiquated process training and not a reflection of your total worth.”

         This is a truth that’s only become fully apparent to me in my post-grad school life, and I thought that this might be something useful I could offer to my friend. While of course I knew in a theoretical way that what I was writing was an exercise rather than a finished product, this knowledge meant little to me in the grad school. I see  that what I was doing was learning how to write scholarship. My dissertation is no great work of genius, I know that, but I feel no need to apologize. The world didn’t need another dissertation, but I needed the opportunity to learn to write one.

     The dissertation is a training process, and the finished product is infinitely less important than emerging with your own mental health intact.The years that pass and the people you love and the things you do are what really matter.

     You are a grown adult human being with priorities and interests and wishes that differ from those of your committee, your dean, your DGS, and other grad students. If you get nagging emails from the grad school about your timeline? Ignore them. If your adviser doesn’t get what you’re doing, ignore him, too.

      Get to know librarians and archivists. Use a citation management system. Consider using Scrivener instead of Word. Digitize everything you can. Back up your data. Figure out what times of day work for you and write then. And there are lots of times when hard work is what’s called for. But there are other times when the thing you should do is to go easy on yourself, and the real challenge of the process is figuring out which is which.

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